Pumpkin patch

Well, not quite a patch yet but it will be when I retrieve the ones made last year from the garage.


All the ones I made last year were all made with bright orange wool and so I thought it might be nice to tone it down a little with some made from different fabrics.

These are very simple to make but quite effective I think.

Cut a rectangle of material, sew the short edges right side together.

Give the bottom edge of the fabric a hem with a running stitch and pull this in and secure.

Turn the right way and fill up with stuffing.

Turn the top in to give a hem, do a running stitch and pull in, leave enough space to insert a fabric stalk (or you could use a twig or a cinnamon stick), pull in tight and stitch in place.

These will be added to the ones made last year:


The knitted ones are made with a rectangle of knitting, stocking or garter stitch, with anything from 50 to 200 stitches, a variety of different needle sizes so that you get lots of different sizes.   Once you have your rectangle of knitting you make as with the fabric ones but no need to fold in a hem top and bottom as you don’t have raw edges, just a running stitch of wool through to gather.

I will make a few more as I want to do small pumpkin patches in several of the rooms.

Then add Halloween decorations closer to the appropriate day.

Until tomorrow…


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