Operation Excitement!

Operation Excitement (as named by small person) has been in play here this week.

This afternoon, when I collect small person from school, the two of us are heading off together for a weekend away while OH is left home alone!

We are heading back to our old village to see friends and for small person to attend a birthday party (of her BFF – ‘best friend forever’ apparently) on Sunday.   We are spending tomorrow with other friends.    The levels of excitement have risen across the week as small person has counted down the number of sleeps until we go!

I am looking forward to it too  but can’t quite reach the fever pitch of excitement that small person has reached – probably because I have to remember to pack everything that we need and do all the driving!

Before he went to work yesterday I asked OH what he wanted me to get in for his dinner on Saturday night (as I was heading off to Lidl), he replied that I needn’t worry as he would ‘sort myself out’.   I’m guessing this means a takeaway – something we never do as a family meal.   I think as he is home alone all weekend while me and small person are off on a jolly a take away treat for him is not unreasonable.

Our menu plan for next week:

Sunday:   Sausage and bacon meatloaf with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, veg and gravy.

Monday:  Lentil burgers, potato wedges, salad

Tuesday:   Pasta with blue cheese and bacon

Wednesday:  Ham with a swede, carrot, potato and leek gratin

Thursday:   Homity pie

Friday:   Homemade fish and chip night

I wont be blogging over the weekend so I wish you all a very happy weekend and I will be back on Monday.

Have a good one, until Monday…



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