Weekend round-up and Beale Park

Operation Excitement went very well.    Driving was largely uneventful and destinations were reached on time, friendships were kept alive and lots of fun was had.

There were one or two hiccups!    Saturday ended with one child (out of three who were playing together – small person and her old school friend and his younger sister) being taken to A&E to have their scalp stitched – scalps are bleeders aren’t they!    Little sister of Flo’s friend fell backwards while they were all dancing around at about 5pm – showing us their Strictly routines, of course – and caught the back of her head on the radiator as she went down.  So much blood, quite a deep gash, A&E quite necessary.

Well, when we visit, we like it to be memorable.

Scalp was glued, hair cannot be washed or brushed for 7 days (would have helped if they had said that before the glue was applied so at least some of the blood that was caking her pretty blond hair could have been rinsed out with some water).   But, thankfully, no lasting damage done.

Sunday was the birthday party day and this was held at Beale Park near Reading – just off Junction 12 of the M4.   What a lovely place, I had never been before and it was great.   Read more here:


Lots of animals, adventure playgrounds, gardens and activities.    A really lovely place to spend the day and a chance for Flo to catch up with 1/2 a dozen of her old school friends, who all seemed as pleased to see her as she was them and after the initial hugs it was like she had never been away from them.   It was lovely to see.

Driving back late yesterday afternoon we were caught up in a tail-back on the M4 for some time.   We didn’t move for an hour because of the accident ahead but, as ever one, is thankful to be in the tail-back rather than in the middle of the actual accident.

We were both pretty tired by the time we got back, early evening, yesterday.  OH had a roast waiting, it was nice to be home but mother and daughter weekend away was a great success and small person has already put in a request for another one before Christmas – we shall see!

Today is mostly unpacking, tidying, washing and catching up on emails and other ‘stuff’.

I hope you all had a good weekend and that the working week has started well for you.

Until tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Weekend round-up and Beale Park

    1. Beale Park really was great. Overall, yes, a really good weekend and apparently the injured tot is quite the celebrity at school with her blood stained hair! Her mother, however, is itching to wash it – but knows she has to wait.


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