Simple, no fuss, super tasty

Really simple but tasty dinner last night.

I baked a Lidl ham – really good value at only £3.79 and big enough for a dinner dish for 3 with plenty of leftovers for sandwiches.

I had a swede, some potatoes and a leek to use up so I made a gratin.

I chopped up the veg and popped them in a pan with some milk and plenty of seasoning – just to soften them a little.   After they had had a quick boil in the milk I drained them off and then layered them up in an ovenproof dish with some chopped garlic, a few blobs of butter then added some of the poaching milk and a good slug of cream, and popped the whole lot in the oven where the ham was baking away.

The resulting gratin was really good – why have I only ever made a gratin with just potatoes before?  The addition of swede and leek was really good.    Baked ham – well you can’t really go wrong with that,



Hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…


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