A sense of perspective

I have the prospect of a 500 mile round trip tomorrow which is a lot of driving in one day and have today woken up with a rotten cold (I could feel it coming on last night).  This could be a major irritation but – putting it in to perspective – there are trains, so I think I will let the train take the strain and not try to drive such a long way when my head feels full of cotton wool.

I woke up to the news that my internet and telephone provider have had a serious security breach.   Perspective – isn’t it nice that people somewhere in the world want to get to know more about me – like my bank details and personal information (irony alert button ON)!

Small person finishes school today for a two week half term holiday – and I don’t have a thing planned.   Perspective – I get to spend two weeks with my daughter and we get to plan it together rather than  my telling her what is going to happen.   She has left a pencil and her best notebook out this morning before leaving for school so that we can write down some ideas as soon as she gets home this afternoon.

I remembered this morning, just as small person was about to leave for school, that she needed to take in a donation for the Harvest Festival today – quick panic as I flew to the pantry to find something suitable for her to take.  Perspective – how lucky to be in the position of being able to give a donation and not in the desperate situation of needing to receive donated foods.

So four situations, each differing in annoyance/inconvenience levels that can soon be put in to perspective.

I hope you are all having a good Friday.

Until tomorrow…


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