Its beginning to look a lot like……Halloween!

Okay. I realise that Halloween is not until Saturday but small person wanted to put up the Halloween decorations yesterday as she is off now for half term and wants to make the most of them.

I’m afraid it is all really bright orange Halloween stuff rather than subtle, beautiful autumnal decorations – I’d like to do more of that but will probably have to wait until small person is a bit older.

The pumpkins (real) that you see will be carved closer to Saturday and the insides will be used to make pumpkin soup and pumpkin cake.   I have resisted her pleas to start carving them now by explaining that they will be all mushy by Halloween if we carve them too early.


First day of half term was good – a friend of mine over for a good chat with her two girls to play with Flo.   Sylvanian families were the order of the day, but some time also spent in the park.

Off to Dunster Castle tomorrow.  We have joined the NT so tomorrow will be our first day out as members, OH has taken the day off.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Its beginning to look a lot like……Halloween!

  1. Going somewhere as a member so actually it’s ‘FREE’ to get in gives me a really really smug inner smile!! ESPECIALLY if there are people who are not members, waiting to PAY with actual money!
    Have a great day X


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