More sewing, plus some soup and bread

Autumn is the time for soup and homemade bread.

I made a root vegetable soup for dinner the other evening; onion, carrots, swede and parsnip – they were left over in the veg rack and needed using up.  I added some cumin and vegetable stock and it was a really lovely soup.

I made soda bread to go with it, I’m not sure if I have given my recipe  before so I will add it here.

450g plain flour


teaspoon of bicarb

teaspoon of cream of tartar

330mls of natural yogurt (traditional recipes call for buttermilk but I never keep buttermilk in, but I always have natural yogurt and finds this works just as well)

Mix all the dry ingredients together (I added a sprinkle of dried herbs to the mix also), then add in the yogurt, bring the dough together and shape on to a greased baking tray.    The shape should be a roundish dome, then put two deep cuts in to the round loaf, crossing in the middle:

DSCN2584[1]DSCN2585[1]DSCN2586[1] DSCN2587[1]

Bake the bread at 200 for 25-30 minutes – the cuts make sure it cooks through, it should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom, if done.

I will need to get the sewing machine out tomorrow to make a Halloween costume for small person – she has a Halloween party to go to on Saturday afternoon, and also wants to be dressed up to watch the Halloween Strictly.  She wants to be a black cat, we have bought a mask and tail and today I got some fabric to make the main part of the costume.    It is velvety type material so will seem a little bit like fur!!


We had to pop in to Taunton today as small person needed a new winter coat and some new winter boots – trudged round every likely shop in the town centre, the choice was really limited, shops like Next and M&S saying there would be a greater range on line – no wonder the high streets are in trouble.    Could not find either a coat or boots the right size or style so came home and ordered on line.  The thing is when you go in to a town centre you support the local economy – parking fee, perhaps having a cup of tea and a bun in a little café, but if there is no point in going in to town because it is easier to buy on line the big stores still get the sale on line but the local economy misses out.

Anyway, I’ll leave my mini-rant at that.

Until tomorrow…


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