That was Halloween … and some menu planning

We had a great Halloween, small person had a party to attend in the afternoon and then she went trick or treating with OH for a little while when she got home.

I stayed home to hand out goodies to any trick or treat callers we had.   Then we settled down for the Strictly Halloween special – which we had to pause on numerous occasions so we could answer the door to more trick or treat callers.

I wrote about small persons fancy dress outfit which was changed at the last minute from a cat costume to a witch.    I managed to find some purple material of the same type as the black I had bought (the purple was left over from a previous World Book Day costume back in March) and a witch hat we had was black with a purple band on it so it all worked out.


I made the skirt out of panels of black and purple and used felt to make a waistband.   The top was just a t-shirt shape made from the black material.   I had a large piece of black felt (have no idea when or why I bought this) which I used to make the cloak – shaped it by putting some gathers in the top, added some whisps of purple net for ‘dramatic effect’ and used scraps of the purple material used in the skirt to make ties for the cloak.

And all ready for trick or treating…


Menu plan for the week:

Saturday: (was) homemade chicken kiev, mash and salad

Sunday:  Roast chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, veg and gravy

Monday:  Vegetable curry and rice

Tuesday:  Cottage pie

Wednesday: White fish, mash, veg and parsley sauce

Thursday: Tuna pasta bake

Friday:  homemade fish and chip night.

Some of this might change as I have the insides from the pumpkin carvings to use up – so pumpkin soup might appear on the menu or I might make a pumpkin cake, I haven’t quite decided yet.   We only carved the pumpkins on Saturday morning and the flesh is all stored in the fridge so as long as I make a decision tomorrow it will be fine.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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