The not-so-boring old favourite

I don’t make cottage pie very often – I have an unjustified disdain for it as being boring old mince and mash.

Of course it can easily be so much more than that and as it is one of OH’s favourite things to eat so I thought I should make an effort.      I rummaged around in the pantry to find some things to pep it up a bit.

Two onions – finely chopped

Two carrots – diced


Good slug of Worcestershire sauce

2 oxo cubes

Generous squeeze of Anchovy paste

Good slug of homemade brown sauce.

Gently soften the onion and carrots then add mince, Worcestershire sauce, stock cubes, anchovy paste and brown sauce and some water.   Simmer away.

Boil potatoes for mash.    Make the mash with lots of black pepper and a good slug of cream.

Top the mince mixture with the mash and top with mash with a generous helping of grated cheese.

Okay – I am a little bit converted – this was delicious.   The anchovy paste and homemade brown sauce helped to make the mince really savoury.


The two week half-term continues so not a lot of time for much making (aside from a Halloween outfit as blogged about in my previous post).  We should be having a couple of days out at the end of the week so hopefully some more interesting blogging to come!

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…


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