Slow, slow, knit, knit, slow

I am making progress with the knitting, but it has really slowed down over half term.

This is the first time small person has had a two week half term.   We have managed to keep plenty busy but it has had an impact on my knitting time!

Front and back are now finished and I have got going on the first sleeve – these do knit up reasonably quickly so it shouldn’t be too long now before I finish.


Once it is finished – what to do next?

As for the on-going half term, we have got a couple of outings planned over the next two days (OH has got some time off) – tomorrow we are off to Wells and on Friday to a National Trust place just over the county line in to Devon – the name of which escapes me now but I will give a review in due course.

Lots of bloggers have written about the Hugh Fearlessly Eats It All programme on waste – I didn’t watch it but I saw enough trailers to know that it would turn me in to crazy-shouting-at-the-tv-lady.  We are a use-up-all-the-leftovers, and reuse-repair or recycle kind of household and I do wonder if this kind of programme largely preaches to the converted?  But if it reaches just a few people and causes a few people to rethink then it is all to the good.

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Slow, slow, knit, knit, slow

    1. I did wonder how on earth we would fill two weeks but it has gone surprisingly well and has been busy enough without being too crazy. The wool is knitting up lovely, will certainly be getting more, small person needs a new cardigan so need to decide what colour next!


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