Another lovely day out!

We had another day out today – get us, two days in a row!

We took ourselves over the county line and in to Devon to visit Knightshayes, another National Trust property – we are determined to make the most of our membership!

Read more about the property here:

In brief it is a wonderful late Victorian Gothic house designed by William Burges.     I attach some photos showing the wonderful interior – fabulous ceilings!    The gardens are also spectacular but November isn’t really the best time to see them and it was pouring with rain today.  But we did have a good walk around as much of the gardens and grounds as were open – once you are wet you are wet!

It was a great day and we were home in time for homemade fish and chips and Strictly It Takes Two!


Do visit if you are in the area – the story of the family is very interesting too.

John Heathcote (grandfather of the man who had the house built) was a philanthropic factory owner who moved down from Loughborough and built houses for his workers, and also built schools and churches for them.    He lived quite modestly in the village alongside his workers but his grandson decided to spend some of the family money and had this late Victorian Gothic pile built and was much more interested in playing lord of the manor – hunting, shooting and fishing (and being an MP) rather than running the family firm.     His grandson gave the property over to the National Trust in the 1970s as he and his wife (successful golfer Joyce Wethered) had no children.   Much of the interior had been covered up with plain plaster panels in the early twentieth century and the NT have spent the last few decades restoring and revealing the Victorian Gothic interior.

I hope you all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Another lovely day out!

  1. It is a fabulous place isn’t it!! I don’t know if they still do, but they used to have quite a few wonderful willow sculptures in the gardens which are well worth seeing, also there are some wonderful topiary hedges to see too. Hope you keep having fun! xx


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