Crochet, Remembrance and menu planning

Yet another weekend gone by in a flash.

I did a little bit of crochet this weekend.    Watching the Remembrance Service on the BBC last night I assessed the state of our poppies as we would be wearing them to the church this morning for the Remembrance Day Service.    They were rather tatty.    The Poppy Seller came round a couple of days before the start of the official Poppy Campaign and they had become rather tired and tatty looking so I decided to make us some as it felt a little disrespectful to wear tatty poppies to church and as it was very late last night there was no opportunity to make a further donation to acquire any more.


I think they looked okay.    I do realise that Remembrance Day is about far more than the state of the poppies my family wear in case anyone was thinking I was worried more about appearances than the significance of this time.

Last night we went to the local village firework display organised by the local scout group which was really impressive.

Menu planning for the week:

Sunday:   Roast beef

Monday:   Sausages, noodles and vegetables

Tuesday: Scone based pizza

Wednesday:   Tuna and pasta

Thursday:  Ragu

Friday:  Homemade fish and chip night

Busy week ahead, small person is back to school after her two week half term and I have a couple of potential work opportunities to pursue.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


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