Pretty things

Hello again

A few days has meant that my grip has been got – hopefully (see last post of  a few days ago)!

Sometimes it helps to focus on the small pretty things while we try to deal with the bigger stuff that is going on – whether that be bigger stuff personally or in the wider world.

Roses bought for me by lovely OH on Friday:


And a new bauble for the Christmas tree:


This was purchased in the shop of one of the National Trust places we visited recently.   It is handmade and blown by mouth using recycled glass.

It is called a ‘Friendship Globe’ and the box says:

‘At the end of the working day the Glass Blowers would use up the molten glass by blowing these small ornament globes to be given as tokens of friendship on special occasions.  This ancient tradition is still carried out today.’

The words ‘Friendship’ and ‘Globe’ being quite thought provoking given events of recent days.


Each year I try to buy one or two new baubles for the tree that are a bit special and slowly, over the years, we have collected some really lovely ones which we bulk out with the generic multi-pack ones.  I should add that I am not putting Christmas decorations up yet!   The tree will not be bought until early December.

I hope you are all well.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Pretty things

    1. I do have a thing about baubles, hate tinsel, love baubles. I also like to do big glass vases and glass bowls filled with ones, grouped in colours, reds, golds etc. Just can’t be doing with tinsel, OH doesn’t get it!!


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