How to have fun on a Tuesday?

So what wild and wondrous activities have I introduced in to my day to make it fun?

Oven cleaning – oh yes, never let it be said I don’t know how to enjoy myself.

When we first moved I got in to the habit of giving the oven a good scrub every Sunday when clearing up after a roast.   I use lard to cook my roast potatoes and it spits a lot.  By cleaning it each week straight after dinner it didn’t need any real scrubbing or anything in the way of chemicals over and above a good spray of neat vinegar and occasionally a little bit of bicarb worked in to a paste.

However, over the last couple of weeks I have been a bit lazy post-Sunday-roast and the oven was looking a bit manky.  So, as I type, there is a generous smearing of bicarb paste all over the glass door and the inside racks have been scrubbed with wire wool, the inside of the oven has been giving a good spray with vinegar and hopefully it will come up gleaming when I go back to it in an hour or so.  If that doesn’t do the trick I will launch an all out chemical assault – Mr Muscle – I mean you!   But hopefully it wont come to that!



I wanted a clean oven before making my Christmas Cake at the end of the week.  I should have it (and the pudding) made by now but I am a few weeks behind this year.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Until tomorrow…




4 thoughts on “How to have fun on a Tuesday?

  1. I’m chuckling reading this BC all the bloggers I know ( including myself ) have had a post lately about cleaning the oven! A hideous job, but it does leave one uber smug doesn’t it ?!!! Enjoy baking you cake in a nice clean oven!


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