Stick to your ribs, yummy, windy weather kind of food

I had planned to make chilli tonight as mince was in the fridge needing to be used but as we had chicken curry last night I thought I would give small person a break from the spices (she tolerates them if lots of natural yogurt is added, which is fair enough as she is only 7).

I used the mince to make small meat balls, fried off some finely chopped onion, browned the meatballs and then poured a load of freshly made gravy over the both and left them simmering in a big pan on a low heat with the lid on.    With this we had cauliflower, broccoli and carrots and potato and swede mash.

Good cold weather food that goes down a treat when the wind is whistling down the chimney.



And just in case you noticed the fridge magnets in the background, I favour a more chaotic approach to fridge magnets but small person likes order!     I move them around, she puts them back in a straight line!

Until tomorrow…




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