Weekend round-up and menu plan

Quite a quiet weekend here, small person had a birthday party to go to yesterday so while she was there OH and I got some domestic bits and pieces taken care of.

It was a lovely day for getting washing dried, yesterday, 4 loads washed and dried in total – quite good for a November day.

Today was mostly a Lego day (for small person and OH!) knitting, tidying and cooking for me.

I also spent some time today browsing one of my old cookbooks.  This one is particularly special as it was presented to my mother at school in 1949 ‘First Prize for Cake Making – December 1949’.   It is called ‘Modern Cookery Illustrated by  Lydia Chatterton 1948.   Lydia has a well meaning if somewhat naïve hope for the book:

‘The world may be made up of Nations – but nations are made up of individuals – and individuals are happiest and most peace-loving when they are well nourished and healthy, and so I hope this book will be a small link in the chain that in the hands of our women will help to build a fitter, happier Empire.’

I acknowledge immediately the problems with the idea of Empire, of course.   That aside, if only peace were that simple.

Fruit has been soaking in sherry for Christmas cake and Christmas pudding.  I did plan on making them today but that didn’t happen so I will get busy with that tomorrow.

Last night was, of course, Strictly – good show from Blackpool.

Menu plan for the week:

Saturday: (was) pasta and homemade pesto

Sunday:  Roast chicken

Monday:  Steamed fish, mash, vegetables and parsley sauce

Tuesday:  Sausages, noodles and vegetables

Wednesday: Brian Turners [not quite]] butter pie

Thursday:  Tuna pasta bake

Friday:  Homemade fish and chips.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…




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