‘To Do’ Lists

I’m a list kind of girl.

I generally have a list of ‘stuff’ that needs to be done.  Every couple of weeks I will write a list out of things that need to be accomplished over the coming two weeks or so (I have a specific note book for these lists!) and next to each item on the list I will put a date and then write these ‘to do’ jobs in my diary on the selected day.

I have a friend who thinks this is bonkers – but it works for me.    It means I am realistic about what I am likely to get done on any given day, I don’t forget things that might otherwise slip out of my head and it gives me a sense of order which I find reassuring.   I am quite methodical but/and can get easily anxious if I feel things are overwhelming me.

I know that some people think that lists are merely a diversion tactic, a way to procrastinate rather than get on and do the things that need doing but I find I am much more likely to be productive and achieve things if I have a clear plan with things logically arranged over a number of days.   I go to bed each night knowing exactly what needs to be done the next day and I don’t like awake wondering when I will get round to x or y or z because it is all in the diary.

I don’t have a regular 9-5 job just now, I am doing bits of work for different organisations and getting my own small business off the ground as well as the usual home and family stuff and so lists help me keep track of all the different aspects of life at the moment.  I do admire people who juggle the various aspects of their life with seeming ease and am aware that my need for an organised ‘to do’ list is, perhaps, a little neurotic. I should stress I don’t write things like ‘get up’, ‘have shower’, ‘eat breakfast’ on my list!

Do you have hand written lists?   For the more tech-savy is there an app that helps you organise your life?   Or are you able to keep your life in order by the sheer power of brain and memory with never a need to write anything down?

Until tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “‘To Do’ Lists

  1. I don’t write lists because I, like you say, use them as work avoidance activities, then I get depressed when I don’t clear my list, also I have been known to add a job, that wasn’t on the list to start with, to the list, just so I can cross it off! I’m a rubbish lister!! X


    1. I’ve done that. OH and I got married in December (really close to Christmas) some years ago so that year I had a lot of lists. About a week before the wedding I spent the evening wrapping Christmas presents and then went to cross this job off one of my many lists only to find I hadn’t written it on a list so I wrote it on just to cross it off!


  2. Oh I am a list maker of the highest order. I love a list. If it doesn’t get written down it doesn’t get done. I couldn’t do it on an app. I have always been a scribbler. I have my household binder, I have written a post about it, in which I have my lists of what is in the freezer, phone numbers, menu plans, shopping list section, daily cleaning schedule and my daily to do planner, amongst other things. I don’t have a minute by minute daily schedule but I keep a note normally a couple of weekly sheets at a time of thimgs coming up along with ad hoc stuff. I don’t care if people think I’m a bit bonkers, it works for me.


    1. I think that’s it – if it works for you. I always do a menu plan and shopping list but the freezer list would be a good idea for me, I do occasionally open the freezer and think ‘ok, six packs of mince, time for ragu/cottage pie/chilli etc etc! I also put a couple of cleaning sessions a week in my diary so I know to diarise (is that a word) fewer other jobs on those days as cleaning does eat in to the day.


  3. I have lists all over the place at this time of year, I may have to write a list of lists……or is that going a bit too far!


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