Menu plan and knitting

Today has been quite a lazy day….

Well lazy other than the usual sorting of/doing laundry, general tidying and cooking a  roast.   I have spent quite a lot of time knitting (while watching the tennis – go team GB!).   I hold Andy Murray entirely responsible for the fact that the sock I was knitting had the top of the foot part heading one way and the bottom of the foot part going the other way (this is sock knitting on two needles as I have yet to master the dpns). I was faced with the choice of major foot surgery or unpicking back to where I had gone wrong and trying again.  I decided on the latter.

I think I am now back on track.

Menu plan for the week:

Sunday:  Roast pork

Monday:  Turkey meatballs, cous cous and vegetables

Tuesday:  Poor Man’s Cassoulet

Wednesday:   Scone based pizza

Thursday:   Tuna and pasta

Friday:  Homemade fish and chips

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow….



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