There’s no getting away from it…

Tomorrow is December 1st.

Time to commence ‘Operation Christmas Creep’ devised last year to appease small person who wanted all the decorations up and the tree from 1st December.

Instead we do one small thing a day until about mid month when we go to the local Christmas tree farm and get the tree, then we do pretty much everything apart from fresh greenery which I will bring in to the house around the 20th.

Tomorrow morning this will be waiting – her Advent calendar with small chocolate Father Christmas figures peeping out of each pocket.


I do  love getting this out at the start of December each year.  And each year I vow that I will remember to place it at the top of one of the decoration boxes so that I can find it easily next December and each year I find myself rummaging through all the boxes before I find it, usually at the bottom of the last box I look in.

The postman delivered some yarn for me today.  I ordered it last week from Marriner, it is the same blend (25% British wool) as the blue I used to make small person her jumper.


The plan for this is a cardigan, but haven’t decided between these two patterns:



And there will be enough for gloves and a hat or scarf, or perhaps socks.  I will see what I feel like making once I am through with the cardigan.

I also did a bit more online yarn shopping last night so should be taking delivery of more in a day or so.   I am guilty of seriously deluding myself as to how fast I can knit and how many things I am likely to finish before spring is here!   Still I can always make the next size up and pretend it was for next winter all along!

I hope you have all had a good Monday.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “There’s no getting away from it…

  1. Lovely kitting patterns. I started the decorations in the kitchen this morning and I got the white tree out for the boys yesterday. It needs a few more things on it and they love doing it themselves and having it upstairs. They have asked if they can have their stockings upstairs this year so they will go under the tree.


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