I’ve made a sock!

Just the one – so either I have to hop or get on with making another one so I have a pair!


Yes, I am ridiculously pleased with myself!  I have been wanting to knit socks for ages but just couldn’t get on with dpns – I think I need to go to a workshop so someone can help me – so I found a pattern online for socks knitted on two regular needles and – TA DA ! I have, at last, made my first sock.   I am now starting on its partner!  Should you be interested in making socks on two needles then google Linda’s Craftique where you will find a free pattern.

I see socks as a great stash buster.  There is a whole new world of socks ahead of me – I will forever have cosy toes – I will shut up now!

Today I also made cowboy casserole in the slow cooker – no cowboys were harmed in the making of this dinner – fried onions, browned sausages, fry off some lardons, tins of baked beans, carton of passata, plenty of seasoning – put the lot in the slow cooker and leave to gently cook through.

I also made a loaf to go with this.  All in all a very yummy dinner


I’m off to carry on with sock number 2!

Until tomorrow…



12 thoughts on “I’ve made a sock!

  1. Firstly, congratuations on the sock. Waht a professional job! Secondly, nothing better than a good loaf of homebaked bread and proper butter on the table. Love your butter dish. I have a glass one that was a present last year. Proper!


    1. Thank you! I had a glass butter dish a few years ago but I managed to break it and it took me over 2 years to find another one I liked (looking only in charity shops admittedly) I found the one you can see in the photo and another one which is also yellow (rectangular plate style with butter block shape lid) within a couple of weeks of each other, so I now have a spare – just in case!


      1. I have another one, too. I won a competition on the blog of Ruth who was on the first series of Bake Off. It was in connection with the the anniversary of Anchor Butter. I got the butter dish, a cake tin, a replica delivery van, a mug (since broken), an apron and 2 egg cups! What a doozie of a prize. I use the apron for when I am outside in my wellies with the dog,getting logs in or in the shed for something and everything else gets used very regularly! Loe your blog and really look forward to reading about your exploits.x


      2. That was a great prize! I think having two butter dishes is perfectly normal – when one needs to be washed there is spare ready to house the next pack of butter. Ours are on constant rotation and I am always keeping my eye out for another one, just in case…. Thank you for what you say about my blog.x


  2. Congratulations, perhaps you could be Hopalong Cassidy eating your cowboy dinner. Here’s a link if you haven’t the faintest idea of what I’m wittering on about.



  3. fantastic. I totally get why you are so pleased with the sock, I would be too. And – I hope you take this as a compliment, because it’s meant as such – it looks shop bought. Now. Get on with the other or you have to hop everywhere.

    Your dinner looks good. My husband would absolutely love that! x


    1. Thank you, I will take that as a compliment! Sock 2 is underway. That dinner went down well with my OH too – basically little more than bangers and beans with a bit of bacon and onion thrown in and he declared it ‘one of the best dinners you have ever made’ – guess what he might be getting for Christmas dinner!


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