A little more Christmas creep and more yarn!

Operation Christmas creep has, today, taken the form of getting the assorted Christmas crockery out.

This basically consists of a few mugs and a plate I bought in Tesco a couple of weeks ago (all for £5.00 in total).  These were to replace a plate and three mugs I managed to smash when unpacking after the move!


And other assorted Christmas crockery all picked up in charity shops:


Today some more yarn arrived:


With this I am planning to make a hat – probably the green one in the top left corner of this pattern (I’ll probably skip the pom pom):


And probably a scarf or gloves to go with it.

But not until I have finished sock number 2 and I have some sparkly yarn arriving (hopefully tomorrow) with which I want to try and get small person a small bolero made to go with her best dress for a party just before Christmas.

I’m thinking that I am deluding myself a little with the knitting plans!

I hope you have all had a good day.

Until tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “A little more Christmas creep and more yarn!

  1. I love the green and white jug on the right. I got mine out yesterday but too busy washing it to take a picture. I’m rubbish. I have some red plates, a special red glass plate that my mince pies alwasy go on and some lovely bowls and shallow dishes for nuts and chocolates. I wWoe betide anybody who actually uses them, or my French linen!!!


    1. I would like some more bits and pieces of Christmas crockery – perhaps a few more plates and bowls – but I am not prepared to pay full price so it is only what I can find in the charity shops!


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