Two projects on the go….

I have got two knitting projects on the go at the moment.

One is for me and that is a hat:


I am making the green one, and I am also making a pair of pink bedsocks for small person – these will be a gift in her Christmas Stocking:


The hat is nearly finished – I am on the crown shaping now – so I might even get this finished tonight.  The Barbie dolls in the background have been knocked over by a runaway rhino apparently? (The world according to Small Person – obviously not a Barbie friendly place.)

The socks have a little further to go.

Christmas Creep continues in our home – this was our addition today:


A bowl of sparkly nuts and pine cones.

We will be getting our tree on Saturday but will continue to add a festive touch here and there in the meantime.    Once the tree is up the gloves come off and it is all out lights and sparkle.   Except tinsel, I really don’t like tinsel!

I hope you all had a good Monday.

Until tomorrow.,.



8 thoughts on “Two projects on the go….

  1. I’m not really keen on tinsel unless it is on the tree but the really thick stuff you can get is great for putting on the tops of shelves and cupboards. I’m really looking forward to when I can bring in the greenery.We have two different holly bushes in the garden and they place is going to be festooned with it. Just have to figure out the best way to keep it looking good!x


  2. I don’t have tinsel either. Just not a fan. Although, I buy that really thin, cheap stuff because it looks vintage, and I add it to the pictures in the downstairs loo. Other than that. a tinsel free house.

    love the hat you are making for yourself. And the dolls in the background made me laugh. I’m forever finding dolls around the house, Violet is always carting them around. I love finding them, especially when she’s at school, a little reminder of her :o) x


    1. Hat is now knitted, just the sewing up to do. ‘More Barbies’ has been written on Flo’s Christmas list – so more to find scattered around the house! If I find dolls left in an obvious ‘story setting’ I tend to leave them so the story can be finished whenever she gets home, I have been known to vacuum around them!


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