Quite pleased with it, I think there will be a knack to wearing it and it looking right so I might need to have a try with a few different angles.


Progressing (slowly) with small person’s bedsocks.    As I am using a pattern that is for ladies (s,m,l) feet I have had to use much smaller needles so they are not too big.  This is making it quite fiddly and slow going.

However as I am still waiting for some yarn I ordered over two weeks ago so I could make small a sparkly cardigan for Christmas, I don’t suppose it matters that the socks are taking longer than I anticipated.   I tracked down the yarn I needed on Amazon (the usual online wool company I have started using didn’t have the yarn I wanted).   I was told it would arrive by last Friday, that was updated to yesterday and today I  have been told it should be here by Saturday but if it doesn’t arrive by then go back to Amazon for a refund so I don’t even know if it is coming.

Anyway, a bit of a first world problem really.

I hope you have all had a good day.

Until tomorrow….



4 thoughts on “Beret!

  1. I love it! Yes, it is tricky to find the right angle, takes a bit of fiddling and posing at the mirror, but once you find it, you’ll be able to plonk it on your head and go.

    Gorgeous work. I am jealous of your talent :o) x


    1. Thank you – that’s a lovely thing to say. First attempt was a bit Benny Hill – not a good look on a 40 something woman (it wasn’t a good look on him!). But I think I’ve got it now – hope so!


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