New books!

I met a friend in Taunton today for some lunch and picked up the last couple of stocking fillers.

And I also bought myself a couple of books.


I always read Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol every Christmas but beyond that I don’t do any seasonal reading.   It was a blog post by Amy at Love Made My Home some weeks ago where she shared her planned themed Christmas reading that prompted me to buy these when I saw them in Waterstones today.

I could give some old guff about deciding to treat myself because all the work at Christmas usually falls to me, making the house look festive, doing all the shopping – gifts and food, all the planning etc etc but even if I didn’t do all these things I would probably have bought these anyway! They are part of the British Library Classic series and I have found a few from this series in second hand shops so today I treated myself to two new ones – very rare that I buy myself brand new books – and I am really looking forward to them.

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “New books!

  1. I hope that you enjoy your new Christmas books! A lovely treat which I am glad to have inspired! The names of the authors are fabulous and those combined with the beautiful covers would have tempted me to purchase them. Let us know how you enjoy them! xx


  2. I found mystery in white in a charity shop and it was my introduction to these new British Crime Classics from the British Library, I’ve got the Santa Klaus one on order from the library but it won’t come until the new year!


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