Still a lot to do

I could post tonight about the house being all ready for Christmas – but it isn’t.

I could post a photo and tell you about how I have decorated my Christmas cake but I haven’t yet.

I could post a photo of all the mince pies I have made – but I haven’t made any yet.

I could show a photo of a pile of beautifully wrapped presents but I haven’t wrapped any yet.

I could post a photo of a pair of knitted bed socks for small person but:


I still haven’t finished them.

And I could show you a photo of the sparkly cardigan I made for small person to wear to a party on Saturday with her best party dress but the yarn only arrived today (despite being ordered a month ago) so I haven’t knitted it!


I am hoping that in the next couple of days I might finish something – and that I can then share it with you!

I hope all your preparations are coming along well

Until tomorrow…





6 thoughts on “Still a lot to do

  1. oh, don’t! I know that feeling only too well. I thought I’d done really well with gift wrapping, all of Violet’s stocking fillers & main pressies are done … just the rest for everybody else haven’t been done!

    Wanted to make mince pies. Haven’t done that.

    Wanted to put up a few more lights. Haven’t done that.

    Oh well, it’ll get done at some point. Probably Christmas 2016! x


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