Flowers and more flowers

Quite a busy weekend – our 12th wedding anniversary to celebrate and last night a friend came over with her two girls to join us for a Strictly Come Dancing Final Party – small person’s idea and actually a great success.

I made scoring paddles for us all (paper plates with straws stuck on the back for handles) and our scoring put Kelly and Kevin first but I wasn’t sorry to see Jay and Aliona win – that Jive back in week 3!

I added some flowers to the Christmas greenery:



And more flowers (from OH) for the bedroom – anniversary flowers!


I do think the rose is the most perfect flower.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow (or the next day!) …



10 thoughts on “Flowers and more flowers

  1. Happy Anniversary X you know what I first thought ? Oh, how lovely, all her friends are ballroom dancers! Thought you were going to be spinning round your lounge – which looks gorgeously festive by the way X


  2. Happy Anniversary! We were both December brides, and just a year apart too! :O)

    Gorgeous flowers, I agree, the roses are perfection.

    Your home looks cosy and beautifully festive :O) x


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