Oh the irony!

Last night OH and I went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary – this was a day or so after the event (on that night we celebrated with some champers) but it was the night we could get a babysitter.  A lovely friend, with two girls of similar age, had Flo for a sleep-over.  This is the first time OH and I have ever gone out for our anniversary!    I am not sure what that might say about us……..

This morning we picked small person up and decided to head off to Cheddar for a walk through the Gorge and have some lunch.   I was also planning to go to a small shop in Cheddar which I noticed some years ago when we visited in the summer.    It is a Christmas shop – a shop filled with lovely baubles.    After we had lunch we strolled up to the Christmas shop – to discover that it was closed.   We were informed by a local that the Christmas shop always closes for three weeks in December when the owners go on holiday – the Christmas shop that closes for Christmas – the irony!

So we had our walk, bought cheese – the only Cheddar made in Cheddar(!), watched a cheese making demonstration and came home.

Then I had a snooze!

Tomorrow OH is taking small person to the early morning cheap cinema so that I can give the house a clean and tidy before Christmas and tomorrow afternoon will be mince pie making, the cake to finish icing and a quick pop to the supermarket to pick up last minute things – fresh veg, milk, butter and cream.

Christmas Eve will be Yule log making and Carols by Candlelight in the village church.

On Sunday evening just past we went to Carols by Candlelight at the Salvation Army church in my home town (a few miles away from where we live now).    This is the first time I had been back since my mother’s funeral there eight years ago.   Obviously living so far away until our move back in the summer it was not a place I visited.

I had a ‘moment’ when we walked in but there was also a lovely moment when the Captain taking the service asked all the young people in the congregation if they would like to come to the front and sing Away in a Manger.  Flo was off like a shot to be a part of this and I had one of those moments when smiles and tears come altogether – the last time my gaze was fixed on the front of that hall  was eight years ago when my eyes were fixed on my mother’s coffin, and on this night I watched my little girl stand in the place where the coffin had stood which contained the grandmother she was born just a few months too late to ever know.    And she sang her heart out.



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