Christmas Domestic Godess-ness!

Okay, that might be over-stating things a little but I did get some mince pies made!


Some of the star tops are not terribly central but I guess that adds to the home-made charm?

I also got the house cleaned through today – OH took small person to the holiday cheap cinema this morning so I could just get on with it.

I popped to the supermarket early this morning to do the last minute shop – fresh fruit and veg, dairy stuff etc.  It wasn’t too crazy.

This afternoon we put up a small tree in Flo’s room.   On her sleep-over the other night she noticed that her friends both had small trees in their room.   We remembered we had an old fibre optic tree in the garage, that we first bought when we were in our first place that was very small.   OH loves fibre optic trees and tinsel, I love real trees, greenery and nice baubles.   We did things his way the first year but every since he has slowly converted to the real trees, greenery etc.    However we dug out the old fibre optic tree, we didn’t have the cable any more so we decked it out with a set of coloured lights (that I bought one year by mistake thinking they were clear lights – I only like clear lights) and added a set of pastel coloured baubles (from many years back that I no longer use) and small person has a fake tree with pastel baubles and coloured lights in her room.   She loves it!     I am glad it is in her room.


I anticipate posting tomorrow but just in case I don’t manage it I wish you all a very Happy Christmas, may you spend it just as you wish and enjoy it in the way that makes you happy.



6 thoughts on “Christmas Domestic Godess-ness!

  1. your mince pies look perfect. They are still on my To Do list, and I want to put stars on top too. Suspect mine will be wonky, as the plan is to do them tonight (Christmas Eve), with a large glass of champs in my hand!

    The tree in little Flo’s room looks beautiful. I agree that it’s important for little ones to have their own tree, it makes them feel special.

    Shall pop back later to see if you post. But if not, have a very merry Christmas! xx


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