Clean up and books!

Today was a day for getting the house sorted – I haven’t done the de-Christmas thing  but all presents are packed away, feather dusters have been brandished, bathroom scrubbed, kitchen scrubbed, carpets vacuumed, beds changed etc etc.

Also as the sun was shining the wind blowing, three wash loads done and dried!   Quite a result giving the seemingly never-ending rain we have had recently.

One photo today – two of my gifts from OH:


Two brand new Persephone books!

I hope you are all having a good post-Christmas week.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Clean up and books!

  1. that cleaning urge has been here too! I have Christmas still set up, a few things have been thinned out, but Christmas is still very much in evidence. And the lights outside are up and on all day, every day. I noticed one neighbour had already taken hers down, which is sad, but sums her up perfectly. She was in such a rush to get them on by the end of November, now she’s bored of them and *had* to be first to take them down again. Ridiculous. At least let the New Year roll in first.

    Your books are beautiful.

    :O) x


    1. I am always surprised how quick people are to remove all evidence of Christmas. And with the gloom at the moment – endless rain and wind – the sparkly lights seem even more necessary!


  2. LOVE Persephone books, I thought I had read the Mollie Hughes one (pre persephone) but the one I have by her is’ a London family between the wars’. So another for my expanding wish list. Enjoy those books and the lovely bookmarks!


    1. Whenever I look at the Persephone catalogue I think there are only one or two I am not interested in! And in the nicest possible way I hold you entirely responsible because it was on your blog that I first discovered Persephone!


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