Happy New Year!

A little late but a Happy New Year to all my readers.

I have, again, been offline more than online over the last few days.   I hope you are all well.  With OH back to work tomorrow a more regular routine will return to our small family, knitting should re-commence, plans for other making and mending and a return to regular blogging.

Christmas is still in evidence here, tree is still up, fairy lights still twinkling and with the wind, rain and general gloom I think the fairy lights might stay up for a while yet!

All best wishes to you.

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I always say Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas. Leave them up! I always have loads up in the house throughout the year. My mother comes round in January tut tutting about bad luck and such tosh, but I have to say to her ‘Mother, these are NOT left over from Christmas, I’ve CHOSEN to have them up!’. Have left two more sets up this year in the house, and the ones I put up in December 2014 in the back garden are staying put. Around my kitchen window and the green house :O) At this rate, I’ll leave so many up that when Christmas rolls around, I won’t need to put up any extra!

    Happy New Year to you too x


    1. Before we moved I always had fairy lights up in the dining room all year round because it was a very dark room with low beams. When we moved here in the summer I didn’t put any up but now they are up some will stay – especially through the January/February gloom.

      Happy New Year!


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