Good reading

I read a couple of Christmas crime thrillers from the British Library Crime Classics over the holiday.


I wont give any plot spoilers but if anyone wants to plan ahead for Christmas 2016* I would recommend them.   I enjoyed The Santa Klaus Murder the most – classic country house murder with a good cast of characters and enough likely suspects, a victim it was hard to feel too sorry for, several likeable characters and several who had enough neuroses to be interesting but not annoying.    The Mystery in White got a bit scrappy in places (I thought) but did not disappoint, there was also an edge of potential thriller like risk – you sensed there could be another murder at any point.  (* Planning ahead for Christmas 2016 starts here!)

I have also read one of the 4 Persephone Books I now have (two were charity shop finds and two were presents from OH at Christmas).


Good Evening, Mrs Craven: The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes – stories that were at times tragic, funny, sad, poignant, peppered with cruelty, wit, humour and irony.

At the moment I am reading Harriet by Elizabeth Jenkins so I will talk about that in due course.


We took down quite a lot of the Christmas decorations today and the rest will come down tomorrow.

For the last two days (Sunday and Monday) we had friends visiting (two former school friends for Flo) and their mum who I am great friends with.  We went for lots of muddy walks, played lots of games, had lots of chat and a generally lovely time.

Flo doesn’t go back to school until next week so we are spending the week getting back in to a good routine and doing some fun stuff – swimming, cycling, walking and just generally winding down before the start of the new term.

Until tomorrow…




4 thoughts on “Good reading

  1. Funnily enough I have been reading some Agatha Christie over the past week while waiting for a couple of books to come in that I reserved at the library. I tea nearly everything she wrote about 30 years ago. Despite knowing how most of them turn out I’ve still enjoyed revisiting them. She had such a great gift for characterisation. I’ve seen some of those crime classics in Smiths so might borrow a couple from the library; I rarely buy books nowadays since I read so quickly and can easily get through one a day when I have the time. It would be expensive to buy them even second hand.


    1. I agree – Agatha Christie’s novels are so well plotted. I often feel guilty about buying crime fiction – even second hand – because once I get in to one I, too, read them very quickly and it can seem an expensive hobby! But, clearly, that doesn’t always stop me!


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