Job done

That is it – Christmas has been packed away!


The tree has been put in the garden ready to be taken to the garden waste section of the recycling centre at the weekend.  These boxes will go in the garage tomorrow and we are done for another year.

But I couldn’t bear not to have a bit of sparkle:


Some flickering tea lights around the fireplace, and there are some candles lit the other side.   The fireplace is hideous (but we are stuck with it for now) but a little bit of flickering sparkle helps.

Today we (Flo and I) popped in to town for an optician appointment and I bought lots of Christmas cards for Christmas 2016 in the Cancer Research UK shop – all half price.  I am never normally this organised.  I also bought a few of their new Christmas decorations which I will pack away for December.

Two days and two Christmas prep things in a row – am I really talking about Christmas 2016 in January!  As soon as I start knitting again I promise I wont mention Christmas for MONTHS!

Until tomorrow…





10 thoughts on “Job done

  1. I packed my Christmas away last week. And like you I’m already thinking of Xmas 2016. I’ve bought wrapping paper and gift tags in the sales and I’m planning to make some more socks over the next couple of months specifically for pressies this year. I was going to hand make so much for 2015 and didn’t get around to it, so this year I’m starting really early.


    1. That is a good plan – to start the knitting early, I planned to knit bed socks for Flo and socks for OH for Christmas, as stocking fillers, but didn’t finish either! I didn’t see any wrapping paper when I was out and about yesterday, gift tags I always make from the received Christmas cards of the previous year.


  2. I am all packed away, too, but as organised as I am in most aspects of life I have never bought lots of things in the sale. I am aiming to do it for next Christmas, and as much as I LOVE Christmas I don’t plan on mentioning it again before June!x


    1. This is the first time I have got any Christmas stuff in the January sales. I’ll try not to mention Christmas again for a while, well, expect for my post today as I used up some frozen Christmas leftovers for dinner!


  3. Hi, just popping over from Number 38 to say hello 🙂 We need a couple more storage boxes this year for our decs. Buying new things is lovely but I do tend to forget where I’m going to put them. At the moment our shed looks like Steptoe’s Yard. We’ve literally just shoved everything in there. One more place to tidy in the coming weeks!

    It’s good to get the decs down but I agree, a bit of sparkle in January is definitely needed. xx


    1. Hello! Our garage is a mess, as soon as the weather gets better I will have a clear out and a tidy up but I need it to stop raining long enough to put stuff out in the garage while I sort – there really is very little space!


    1. When all the boxes are piled up like that it does look a bit much! My daughter commented, several times over Christmas, that ‘mummy loves Christmas more than Santa’ – hard to deny! This is the first time I have been organised in getting cards early! We shall see if I can find them come December!


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