I promise this will be the last time I mention Christmas for a while!

Over Christmas I froze lots of leftover veg – cooked sprouts, carrots, parsnips etc and today I got them out of the freezer along with some leftover ham that was in there and used them up.

Did the dish have a name – not really, I cooked up a lot of mash, mixed in some blue cheese, mixed the whole lot together, a bit more cheese on top and baked it off in the oven.

Really good – and the last mention of Christmas.

The house feels bigger with all the Christmas decorations down and I have rehung some pictures, moved some photos around, and thought of a few other things I want to do to give the place a lift, including some furniture renovation – but I need better weather for that as it will need to be done outside.    I have decided I want to paint the dining room table and chairs and give them new fabric on the seats.   I am thinking French Linen colour possibly, we shall see.

Until tomorrow…


10 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. ooh, that sounds lovely. I love making concoctions like that from time to time. I take photos to try and remember how I made them if they turn out well. (well, I am sad like that).

    I’ve got a big painting project I want to work on soon, but I can get on with it as there is no way I could cart it outside to do. Just need to get the paint and I can get started!
    :O) x


  2. Love love love French Linen. I have about 4 pieces of it, tea towel size and a bit bigger but would never DREAM of actually using it! I have them to put under pots on the island, fruit bowls in the kitchen etc.


  3. Delicious, I love blue cheese and it sounds a bit like a posh version of bubble & squeak. My house always feel bigger after Christmas as well and the feeling of space is something I love. It also feels empty so it’s a great time to have a good sort out and shuffle around as well. The painting project sounds fun. I’d be far too nervous to do anything like that in case I ruined it! xx


    1. The potential for ruining it is worth considering. But it is a very old set (1960s – Harrods dontcha know!) – a hand-me-down. It is well made but dark and old fashioned, I think a paint job and new fabric on the seats could really give it a whole new lease of life. I don’t like to get rid of something that is perfectly good in terms of function and condition but is rather tired. And I quite fancy the challenge!


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