A lost couple of days and – oh, how I love Persephone books!

I lost the last couple of days to a really nasty vomiting bug – fear not, I will spare you further details.

Anyhow, in between ‘incidents’ I did get quite a lot of reading done!

I finished two of my Persephone books.  ‘A London Child of the 1870s’ by Molly Hughes which was very entertaining and her memories of childhood holidays in Cornwall helped me make up my mind as to where we shall be going this summer.  OH and I went on holiday to Cornwall pre-Flo but we have never taken her so hopefully we will rectify that this year.

I also read ‘Harriet’ by Elizabeth Jenkins.   The Persephone catalogue tells you that this is about a murder so I don’t feel including that detail here is a plot spoiler.   My goodness what a brilliant book this was.    It is not a who-dunnit, or even a why-dunnit.  You know who the victim is going to be, you know who is going to be responsible for the death and you know why it is done but knowing all that does not stop it being an extraordinary read.   It is tragic and intriguing.    When I first looked at the Persephone catalogue I did put this book at the top of my wish list because I had heard of it and I was delighted when OH bought me it for Christmas and I cannot recommend it enough – it is a brutal read and heart-breaking (it is a loosely fictionalised account of a true story) but an excellent read.

I hope you have all had a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…



10 thoughts on “A lost couple of days and – oh, how I love Persephone books!

  1. Love Persephone too.I have a copy of your first book but much older than the P edition. I was interested in the second until you said – heartbreaking- not sure I can be doing heartbreaking at the mo, I’ll have a look and see if the library have it and put it on my ideas list


    1. In the nicest possible way I hold you entirely responsible for my love and desire for Persephone books as it was on your blog that I discovered them! I do understand why you might want to avoid ‘heartbreaking’ at the moment. Perhaps, yes, leave it on the ideas list for when things are a little less fraught for you. Given what I have learned about the type of reading you enjoy, from reading your blog, I would see it as a book that is absolutely perfect for you – but when the time is right x


    1. It really was, can’t remember the last time I felt so bad. I am still finding it painful to laugh or sneeze because I strained all my stomach muscles with the force of the vomiting – that’s too much information isn’t it?! Poor Violet, though, much worse for a small person especially as she had to miss all the pre-Christmas fun.


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