At last!

The knitted bedsocks I was making as a stocking filler for Flo – ta da!  I have finally finished them!


I had planned to get these done as stocking fillers and a pair of socks for OH for Christmas.   I have just started OHs socks, it is his birthday in two weeks so I might have them finished for then – if not that will be one stocking filler in the bag for Christmas 2016!

I must knit faster!    I really did not pick up my knitting for about two and a half weeks over Christmas.   I should be back in a better routine now as small person finally goes back to school tomorrow.  It has been a long but lovely holiday but is also good to know that a real routine will be starting again.

I hope the week has started well for you all.

Until tomorrow…



10 thoughts on “At last!

  1. The socks are lovely and I am sure they will be well received. I was also planning on giving homemade socks to all of my kids plus their other halves but only got 3 pairs finished. I’ll put those by for this year and hopefully get the other 5 pairs done throughout the year.


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