Maid of all work

Today has been a spring-cleaning kind of day.

I decided to turn out the china and silver cupboard, give everything a good wash, scrub the cupboard, polish the silver and put it all back neatly.

I didn’t have any silver polish so I tried the trick of putting pieces of aluminium foil in the bottom of a washing up bowl, putting the silver in and covering the lot with boiling water, and leaving to soak for 10 minutes.   It worked brilliantly.  I will never buy silver polish again.

Hope you are all having a good day.



Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “Maid of all work

    1. I tell you I was so surprised that the aluminium foil trick worked that I do want to clean more silver because I can’t quite believe it was so easy. I have got another load of silver cutlery to do but once that is done, I’ll be round!


  1. I use Brasso on my silver, seems to work pretty well.

    You photo is scary but brilliant. Brilliant because you’ve done a lot of cleaning, scary because argh, all that cleaning! And, you’ve reminded me that I need to do something very similar. Something else to add to my ever growing list!

    Have a lovely weekend :o) x


    1. I’ve used Brasso in the past and it is great – I was just clutching at straws because I wanted to get the silver cleaned and didn’t have any polish. I looked up a cleaning tip in a book I had and, to be honest, had little hope that the aluminium foil thing would work but it did, I was impressed and a bit surprised. I am not sure I planned to do quite so much cleaning but once I got started…… x


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