Flower power

It has been a uneventful but nice family weekend here.

Small person had a birthday party to go to yesterday.  I have got some knitting done over the weekend, we made some chocolate cornflake cakes today and I made a big beefy goodness casserole for dinner tonight with enough casserole left over for a couple of beefy goodness pies.

I bought some flowers on Saturday morning.  At Christmas I always buy a couple bunches of red roses and stretch them out to several vases with lots of greenery from the garden.  That way I can make 12-16 roses fill about 6 different vases.

I decided, this weekend, that greenery was for life not just for Christmas and decided to stretch one bunch of Lidl £2 roses a bit by adding them to greenery from the garden:

DSCN2861[1]The smaller vase will go in the bedroom and the larger, square vase will go in front of the hideous fireplace in the sitting room.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Flower power

  1. that’s the sort of weekend I absolutely love! Just perfect. As are your flowers, and you are right, foliage is a useful tool. I love to cut ivy, rosemary or bay from the garden to add. Makes them look pretty and pads them out too.

    My only problem with my ‘nothing’ weekend means I have an awful lot to do today, which is annoying, I wanted to start on my painting project but it’ll have to wait!

    Have a lovely start to the week xx


  2. I love Lidl roses. In fact all Lidl flowers are really good, they seem to last forever. Great idea to add the greenery to make them go further. Your weekend sounds perfect. Mine and Amy’s piece de resistance used to be rice crispie cakes when she was little. Lots of chocolate and stirring involved, perfect for little chefs 🙂

    Just wondering, did your comment box disappear for a few days as I haven’t been able to leave a message. xx


    1. Funnily enough Flo did say that perhaps I could get some rice crispies when I do the shop this week so we can make some chocolate crispie cakes this coming weekend! I am not sure about the comment box, I wasn’t aware there was a problem but ….?


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