This and that…

An uneventful couple of days here.   House tidied, cleaned, polished and scrubbed.

I am on track to finish the socks I am making for OH in time for his birthday next week.    Flo and I have decided to buy him a pair of wellies as he has none and with some of the walks we do, he needs them.

Flo also thinks we should make him some of his favourite chocolate gingers.

I think we can manage that.

I will then start on a new cardigan for Flo.

I have been sorting out a couple of work things and I am due a load of OU marking coming in today so that will keep me busy over the next week.

I have cut out some fabric to make lavender bags which I hope to sew up this weekend.  It is hardly a big job but I keep seeming to run out of time every day!

I think I have decided to keep a reading diary and perhaps add a book review page to the blog, it is something I spend a lot of time doing so it might be nice to keep some record and it might, once in a while, give someone who reads this an idea to put on their ‘to read’ list, I know I get lots of reading inspiration from different blogs.

Anyway, I hope the week is going well for all of you.  Apologies for a rather dull blog post today!

Until tomorrow…




2 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a productive couple of days and I think the birthday presents sound great. I always find Mark really hard to buy for. I was thinking of starting a new page listing the books I’ve read. I wouldn’t do a review but I like to read other people’s thoughts on books. I’ve read a couple through blogland recommendations that have been good, so that’s a vote from me for you to start one. xx


    1. Thank you! I think sometimes just a line or two is review enough and the other problem with long reviews is that they can contain too much in the way of plot spoliers leaving people thinking ‘well there is no point in reading that now as I know what happens!’ So I guess it will be about getting the right balance between review/recommendation.


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