A quiet but productive day

Not a lot really to say today – got a lot of work related admin done this morning and contacted some more places about future work.   All good but rather dull for you all to read about.

This afternoon small person was playing in a netball tournament at her school so I went along to watch that.  Lots of young ones (ages 7-8) trying their best and doing quite well.  It is when you see so many of them together that you appreciate the vast array of heights that you can get in one school year.   Some really little girls trying to goal keep against taller girls who were practically twice their height and various other game scenarios where height difference was quite comical to see!

Menu plan for the week:

Last night:  (was) roast pork, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, steamed carrots, steamed cabbage and gravy.

Monday:  Chicken thighs, roasted carrots and peppers, cous cous.

Tuesday:  Vegetarian chilli (kidney beans and lentils) with rice.

Wednesday:  Sausages and potatoes, onions and veg.

Thursday:  Pasta – not sure what with yet (small person will want tuna and sweetcorn!)

Friday:  Unknown – out to dinner with friends – at their house – not sure what is on the menu.

I hope the week has started well for you all and if you celebrate Burn’s night then I hope you are having good celebrations.

I winna blaw about myself,

As ill I like my fauts to tell;

But friends an’ folk that wish me well,

They sometimes roose me –

Though I maun own as monie still

As far abuse me.

Robert Burns – ‘Epistile to J. L*****k, An Old Scotch Bard’ (1785), Lines 91-96

Until tomorrow…



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