Nourishing oils

Today I spent a bit of time making up some skin oils.

I make all my own face and body products (except toothpaste, make-up and henna).

I was running out of facial oils so I had a little making session.


For the cleansing oil I use a mixture of olive oil and jojoba oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

The serum is quite indulgent and the individual components are quite expensive but a little does go a very long way.  I use a blend of olive squalane, argan oil and a few drops of rose essential oil.

For the facial oil I use avocado oil, rice bran oil and rosehip oil with neroli and frankincense essential oils.

These oils and essential oils suit my skin type but, of course, everyone has different skin so they wouldn’t suit all.

I love using essential oils and a bit of time every few months mixing and blending is very therapeutic and you know exactly what you are putting on your skin.


Until tomorrow…,




4 thoughts on “Nourishing oils

  1. I love using essential oils too. Lately I’ve been making my own stuff like make up remover wipes, cleaning wipes, and hand salve and I use essential oils in all of them. You are right some are pricey but do go a long way.


  2. I like that you make your own products, it’s good to take care of yourself and knowing exactly what you’re using is great. I have such sensitive skin the only thing I can use on my face is Nivea otherwise I end up with red blotchy dry skin.


    1. It is nice to make my own products, I think it is really just an extension of crafting in many ways, just another thing (or group of things) that I can make myself, and know exactly what is in it. And oils are wonderful to use on the skin.


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