Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

There is a theme today….

Yesterday was OH’s birthday.     We got him new wellies and I had knitted him a pair of socks:


The theme for the rest of the birthday was … chocolate.

OH loves chocolate gingers so we made him a chocolate ginger ‘plate’.   I use equal amounts of plain and milk chocolate, melted together and poured over some chopped crystallised stem ginger.   I did forget to photograph it when it was set and turned out but you get the idea:


And, of course, a chocolate cake – basic chocolate sponge with the easiest ganache in the world (equal amounts of milk and plain chocolate and then the equivalent in mls of cream – so 100g milk chocolate, 100g plain chocolate and 200mls cream).  Melt the chocolate, remove from heat and then slowly mix in the cream.


Taken after candles had been lit and blown out!

He was delighted with his wellies and socks (wants more hand knitted socks as they are super comfortable and soft apparently!).   And enjoyed some of his chocolate ginger with coffee later in the evening.

I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

    1. Thank you! Naturally Flo and I helped with eating the chocolate cake but we have left the gingers alone – they were a present after all! I think it is the blend of milk and plain chocolate that makes homemade chocolates so good – all milk is too sweet and all plain can be a bit too bitter but the combination works. I often make chocolate ‘plates’ for family at Christmas with all sorts of ‘bits’ added – bashed up home made honeycomb, mini-marshmallows, good quality chopped nuts and fruit – all good and seem a bit more of a gift than a bar of bought chocolate!

      Hope you, Bill and Violet have a lovely weekend too. x


  1. What lovely thoughtful presents. Sophie made me a slab of chocolate with fruit and nuts etc. at Christmas and it was delicious. And you’re right, it was a lovely gift to receive, although any chocolate is appreciated at Number 38 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. xx


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