A little knitting!

I started small person’s new cardigan last week. This is what I am making for her:


This is where I am at:


Not the clearest of photos but basically I have done the back and one side – well sort of – you have to do the back, sides and sleeves and then the yoke is knitted in one piece as a deep ribbed collar.   This is rather daunting.   At the start of that part of the knitting I will have 242 stitches on the needle and the pattern reads:

‘when working yoke, due to the decreases, the rib pattern will begin with differing sts in each section every row, so you will have to check stitches from the row before to continue your rib pattern; be careful not to end up with seed (moss) stitch.’

Okay than – I’ll do that!    I know that rib, in itself is not complicated, I do it all the time, but what with the decreases, 4 markers that have to be kept in place while the whole yoke is knitted, the potential for a wrong stitch (lots of them) is not insignificant.

But, if I get it right, it should be lovely!

I have been doing quite a lot of marking this week and I thought I would share something with you that one of my students wrote and which really made me smile – no confidentiality problems – the student is in no way identifiable.   They had to write a reflective piece (before the main essay) wherein they considered feedback they had had on previous essays and how they would try to incorporate the advice in the current essay.

One student wrote of my advice:

‘My tutor responded wonderfully to my improbable hopes in TMA01 that

tragedy might turn into a happy ending with, ‘Ooh, I doubt it!’

I am glad that my students appreciate my informal comments as much as they do the comments that are more scholarly!

I hope you are all having a good week.



4 thoughts on “A little knitting!

  1. Both comments tickled me, yours and the student. Good gracious, I thought I was a half competent knitter but I’m not so sure now. The cardigan is lovely. Whoever you are knitting it for is a lucky little girl. xx


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