I think that title might put me in the running for the ‘dullest blog post title ever’ award – and if there is not an award for that, then there should be!

I have often seen various blogs extolling the virtues of the tinned potato.   My OH confessed to loving them – saying that when he was a student he often used to eat them straight out of the tin – yes, I have had to work very hard to civilise him.  He is now fully house-trained and has good table manners!

I decided we should try some – though they would not be eaten straight out of the tin!


This tin of potatoes 15p from Lidl – how is it possible to grow, peel, cook and can potatoes for 15p?

Well as the menu plan for the week had already gone out of the window (I didn’t do more shopping to get extra food, I just made different food with what we had) I decided to take two of these tins, a pack of chipolata sausages and roast them all in a tray in the oven.   I put a bit of oil on the potatoes and then the sausages on top and left it all cooking away for 45 minutes.   OH and Flo had beans with theirs I had salad.

How good were these little potatoes cooked off in the oven with oil  – very, to my great surprise.   OH and Flo have asked can we have them cooked like that once a week – not sure I want to commit to that!  But they were tasty – but I am still baffled by their price.

It has been a week of marking and three bits of bad news in one week.   But as things supposedly come in threes, hopefully next week will be better.

Until tomorrow…





6 thoughts on “Potatoes…

  1. gosh, I have not had tinned potatoes for years. My mum used to get them a lot when I was little. I used to like them, but I don’t know if I would now. I should get some and given them a go, roasting them as you did.
    By the way, I also used to eat them straight out of the tin at times. Not a student, just too lazy to heat them up! :O)


    1. I wasn’t expecting to like them and I tried a little taste of one before I roasted them and I thought they tasted a bit waxy so I wouldn’t want them cold (though it did make me laugh that you used to eat them straight from the tin, like my OH!). Roasted off they were completely different and very tasty. I wouldn’t ever have them as a Sunday roast potato – but as a mid-week store cupboard potato standby, quite handy to have in.


  2. I’m with you, I couldn’t eat them as they are, out of a tin or not. But I have used them in the slow cooker when I’ve been making a stew and they were fine. For 15p nobody should be without a tin in their cupboard so I’m going to buy one this week.

    Hope you’ve had your run of bad news now xx


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