National Library Day (and some extreme knitting)

Yesterday was National Library Day so we went over to meet friends in the nearby town to do the Library Treasure Trail (her girls and my Flo are good chums).

They had to follow a trail from a starting point to the library and look for certain book characters in the windows of participating shops.

They found them all and had a great time even though it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale.

Once at the library there were lots of activities for the children and the lovely ladies of the local WI serving tea and cake to the bedraggled parents.

To my delight, in one corner of the library, there was an extreme knitting challenge going on.   The knitting needles were made out of an old broom handle cut in half (one end of each half having been sanded to a smooth needle point), and strands from 15 balls of yarn being knitted together to form a blanket.   I managed 3 rows!   Gosh it was heavy work, quite difficult to hold up in a knitting position and quite hard work on the hands – but huge fun.    It has, also, given me a few ideas for some extreme knitting I now want to do!

All in all a good day was had (despite the weather).

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “National Library Day (and some extreme knitting)

    1. I am thinking of doing some bedroom rugs – rather than using random leftover yarn I will get yarn to colour co-ordinate. The piece that I did a few rows of was so thick and soft, would be lovely underfoot when you step out of bed. And arm toning too!


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