Too many bananas!

OH is not a great one for fruit but he will eat bananas.  

Quite hard not to sound like a Minion when you keep saying the word Banana!  I digress – lately he has not  been eating the bananas I have been buying so yesterday I had another bunch of over-ripe bananas to deal with.   So I made a chocolate chip and banana loaf.

8 medium sized ripe bananas

200g SR flour

80g light brown sugar

3 eggs

200mls milk

5 tablespoons rapeseed oil

100g chocolate chips



It did sink a bit in the middle after it came out of the oven and the top looks burnt – but it wasn’t.   We all had a slice for pudding last night after dinner and everyone seemed happy with it.

It was only two weeks ago that I made a batch of banana muffins to use up uneaten over-ripe bananas!  I don’t have anything against banana cake or banana muffins but it would be nice not to have to make banana based treats quite so often.   OH has promised to take a banana to work everyday to have with his lunch!

Meal plan for the week:

Monday:   Chickpea and spinach curry

Tuesday:  Pancakes!

Wednesday:  Leek and potato soup and homemade bread

Thursday:  Pasta

Friday:  Homemade chip night

Hope the week has started well for you all

Until tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “Too many bananas!

  1. Bananas are my favourite fruit. I’ve started buying two bags because Amy loves them as well and we’re running out mid week. They don’t usually get to the brown stage but if they do I cut them up and put them in my porridge. xx


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