Mmm – leeks!

Played around with the menu plan a bit this week – no extra food bought but have changed my minds on a couple of evenings and used the planned ingredients to make different things.

I had planned to make leek and potato soup one night this week but yesterday decided that I didn’t much fancy that so needed to come up with another way to use the leeks.

I remembered that I had some frozen white fish and so decided on white fish with cheesy leek gratin and mashed potatoes.

I put the frozen fish in an large ovenproof dish, covered with chopped, par-boiled leeks, covered this with a cheese sauce which I made while the leeks were par-boiling, then sprinkled on added cheese and breadcrumbs.   Served with mashed potatoes – really delicious.


I do love leek and potato soup but it just wasn’t what I fancied last night – this really ticked the right boxes and OH and small person enjoyed it too.

Lovely bright, frosty day today, three wash loads out on the line – I do like a good drying day.

Until tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “Mmm – leeks!

    1. That’s it. I quite often look at my menu plan and think ‘well I don’t fancy that tonight’, I wouldn’t go out and buy something different but just look at what I have and try to come up with something that does suit my mood and inclination!


  1. That looks so good. Mark isn’t really a sauce fan so even plain old leeks in white sauce only make an appearance here a couple of times a year. I should really portion some up just for me and pop them in the freezer. xx


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