It’s back!

I have been away with Flo for a few day so will do a round up later but I was back – just- in time for the mid-season return of The Walking Dead!  (Back in time to get Flo tucked up in bed before the TV was turned on for it, I hasten to add!)

What an episode!  Daryl was back on form.  There were a lot of deadings,  some who you knew were going to get it – got it!   Luckily some favourites survived.  The Walking Dead was back with a blast (literally and metaphorically) last night – happy days!


Back later with a proper post about the last few days…


4 thoughts on “It’s back!

    1. ONE OF US, ONE OF US! So glad you have jumped on the TWD bandwagon. I would only say that the first half of series 2 drags a bit, there were all sorts of production problems and writers strikes BUT it is worth ploughing through as at the halfway point it takes off again and never looks back. It is not that the first half of series 2 is terrible just that you sense a loss of pace.


  1. The walking dead has been eagerly awaited here at number 38 by Mark. I just left a comment on Rachel’s blog saying I don’t make a point of watching it but if I’m around when it’s on I’m hooked. Glad you and flo have had a lovely break. Xx


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