A bit hit and miss

Is probably the best way to describe my posting over the last week.

Flo and I had a few days away, back up to visit friends in our old village.  We had a great time, lots of fun and chat.

Flo and I then had two days of relaxing, we went swimming, went to the park, watched a couple of films.

Today Flo and OH set off early on the coach to London to go to the British Museum as Flo was keen to see all the Egyptian rooms as her topic at school is Ancient Egypt.

They phoned me from the coach (about an hour and a half in to the journey) so that Flo could tell me she had been travel sick in a plastic bag (and over daddy’s trousers) but that she was feeling much better and still looking forward to her day out.  I have had a few phone calls since to say all is well, that they were having a great time and I am now waiting for them to phone so I can pick  them up from the bus station.

I have spent the day cleaning the house, getting lots of laundry out on the line as it was such a lovely day, catching up on emails and popped out to do a bit of shopping.

I treated myself to some smoked salmon for supper:



I hope you are all having a good week….




4 thoughts on “A bit hit and miss

  1. Ooh my mouth is watering looking at that smoked salmon. Delicious. Poor Flo and poor Daddy! Amy loved ‘doing Egypt’ at school. We took her to Manchester Museum, they have a fantastic display there. Interesting for everybody. Hope they both enjoyed their trip and you had a lovely day as well. xx


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