Books, books, books

We had a little trip out to Wells today – mainly because I felt like a bit of a book browse  in the very good Oxfam bookshop there!

Books were purchased!


I haven’t read much on Bletchley Park and as I couldn’t decide which of these to get, I got both!


These just because…


I have got an Oxford World’s Classic of Cranford but the illustrations in this edition were just too lovely…


I have read about Beverley Nichols but never read anything by him so…


This just because I am a bit of a ghoul…


And finally I though A Notable Woman looked really interesting and the Punch book would be useful as I often use Punch illustrations in lectures and for teaching so …

Last time we went to Wells I got two Persephone books in the charity shop, none today but all of the above was consolation!

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Until tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “Books, books, books

  1. Beverley Nichols books were very popular back in the 70s when I worked in libraries – but I can’t remember what they were about and the Notable woman which you commented on on my library book post was such a good find for you at the charity shop – it’s Huge!


    1. It was rather a good haul. OH and I were in a bit of a competition to see who had the biggest pile of books by the end of the visit to the shop, and the two volunteers working in the shop were egging us on!


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