Our little home is something of a petri dish at the moment it seems.

Small person has spent the last 36 hours with a very high temperature which is leaving her like a wrung-out dish cloth.

It meant no return to school today after half term and for the last 36 hours I have done little more than bathe her forehead, administer Calpol and have her draped across me because little people tend to want their mummies when poorly.   Snatches of domestic stuff have been done when she sleeps. Lavender and tea-tree baths have been had which seem to help a little.   Next to nothing has been eaten, which bothers me and regular checks for spots or indications of anything particularly worrisome are being made.

It is probably just one of those things that will work its way through her system and she will be as right as rain in another day or so.  I hope so anyway as it is her birthday this week.

Before the bug struck I did managed to finish knitting her cardigan:


I just need to press it and sew it up and then I will show a photograph.

Until tomorrow…


10 thoughts on “Fever!

  1. Aww poor little thing. Children seem to go downhill so quickly. On the plus side they seem to come round just as quickly. There’s nothing better than a mummy to cuddle when you’re not well. I know I’ve been pinned down to the settee for hours on end before now by my two when they’ve been ill. Hope she’s feeling better soon and is back to normal in time for her birthday. xx


    1. Thank you! As you say the speed with which they can droop is astonishing but the recovery can be as rapid. I guess the bonus is that I have been able to watch quite a few really good kids films over the last few days! Silver lining and all that…


  2. oh how rotten for her – and you. hard work and the worry, oh the worry! The constant checking for rash… we all understand that. Was doing the same last week, as Violet was not right. shallow breathing, hot to the touch, pale of face, and just ‘unwell’. hard to put a name to it other than unwellness. It took most of the week to shake off, but I hope your little one gets through it quickly.



    1. Thank you! Thankfully today has seen a return to normal temperature (was still low fever during the night but normal on waking) and I have just had a ‘mummy I’m feeling a bit hungry’ – for the first time in days. She is very tired but hasn’t been sleeping well because of the fever. So still off today but maybe back to school tomorrow if she continues the same.


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